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Sustainability in Disc Golf

From 2023 onwards, we're committed to greener alternatives, using recycled materials, reducing waste, and minimizing our environmental impact. Join us in making disc golf gear that's not only high-quality but also eco-friendly. Together, we can create a brighter future for the sport and the planet

Try To Make Everyone Gasp In Surprise.

Equipped with an extraordinary feature that will change the way you carry your mini disc. Our innovative bag incorporates the power of magnets to securely attach your mini disc, ensuring it stays in place throughout your entire round. No more worries about your mini disc falling off or getting lost during gameplay.

More Than Just Some random disc golf bag

Say goodbye to the hassle of stuffing your wet or dirty towel inside your bag. With our bag's ingenious magnet attachment system, you can effortlessly secure your towel to the side of the bag. The powerful magnets ensure a secure hold, even during intense gameplay and unexpected movements.

  • Shoot your Form

    Take your disc golf game to new heights by shooting your throw while securely placing your phone on the bag. Elevate your performance, analyze your technique, and conquer the course with confidence.

  • Rainfly

    Don't let rainy weather dampen your plans. With our rainfly, you can securely place your umbrella on the bag even while it's protected. Stay dry and enjoy your outdoor adventures without compromise.

  • Velcro Band

    Display your badges proudly with our versatile Velcro band. Attach and showcase your achievements, affiliations, and accomplishments with ease, adding a touch of personal style to your bag.