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Magic Rainfly

Magic Rainfly

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Introducing our innovative and convenient Magic Rainfly! Designed to enhance your disc golf experience, this unique rainfly features built-in magnets that effortlessly open and close the pockets, making it incredibly easy to access your discs and other belongings inside. Say goodbye to fumbling with zippers or struggling to reach your gear. With the Magic Rainfly, everything is just a snap away.

Additionally, the Magic Rainfly is a breeze to put on your bag. Its simple yet effective design allows for quick installation, saving you valuable time and effort. Just attach it to your bag, secure the magnets, and you're ready to go. It's the perfect combination of practicality and functionality, designed to streamline your disc golf experience.

Experience the magic of our innovative rainfly and enjoy the convenience of easy access, organized storage, and protection from the elements. Upgrade your disc golf game with the HyzerFlex Magic Rainfly and discover a new level of convenience and efficiency on the course.
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