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HyzerFlex Pro RangeFinder

HyzerFlex Pro RangeFinder

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Introducing the HyzerFlex Pro Rangefinder, the ultimate disc golf companion. With its LED screen display, height measurement mode, audio speaker, and convenient memory function, this rangefinder revolutionizes your game.

The LED screen display provides clear and accurate distance readings, ensuring precise throws. Its height measurement mode allows you to assess elevation changes, giving you a strategic advantage on the course. After each measurement, the built-in audio speaker announces the distance, eliminating the need to constantly check the display.

The HyzerFlex Pro Rangefinder also saves measured distances for later use, allowing quick reference and course management. Crafted for durability and precision, it withstands various weather conditions and offers a comfortable grip.

Elevate your disc golf experience with the HyzerFlex Pro Rangefinder. Achieve accuracy, precision, and efficiency like never before.

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